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Chestertown Business Campus

“Do something greater – build a place that inspires and helps create good health.”

Blades are turning soil at the site of the Chestertown Business Campus, the latest addition to KRM properties. Covering 80 acres of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, this innovative business-living campus offers a balanced lifestyle of work and healthy activities. With a unique mix of offices, apartments, flex business space, a fitness center, and walking/biking trails, CBC provides businesses and families the opportunity to live and work in a modern, amenity-rich, and health-conscious environment. 

The Chestertown Business Campus is also environmentally friendly. With green construction and energy saving strategies, electric vehicle chargers, and community gardens, CBC establishes itself as a “green” community.

Through careful planning and progressive ideas, CBC creates an environment of vitality and livability. Nature and wildlife abound, and parks and trails are a part of daily life. Retail, arts and entertainment, life-long learning, high bandwidth infrastructure, sports and recreation, and on-campus health care all contribute to making CBC a wonderful place to live, work, and play.

CBC is home to Dixon Valve’s corporate headquarters, and as such creates the hub for the Campus. In addition to the vibrant energy that DVCC provides, the Campus includes a state-of-the-art fitness center with recreational and sports training facilities. Designed as a bike-friendly, walkable community, there is easy access to a variety of businesses and recreation.

The Chestertown Business Campus is located in historic Chestertown, Maryland. Named one of America’s top 50 small college towns, Chestertown is also home to Washington College, the tenth oldest college in the country. This beautiful destination is within two hours of Philadelphia, D.C., and Baltimore, as well as only five hours from New York City. CBC offers the best of both worlds as a prime location with the charm of a close-knit, waterfront community.

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